Farewell Beijing, Hello Quanzhou!

I just saw Ashley’s post, after posting mine own, so I guess you get double your pleasure today. With a late afternoon departure time, the Quanzhou group was able to spend the morning exploring the hutong near the hostel.  We sampled some local…More »

A heavenly last day in Beijing

This morning we headed out to explore the sites of Beijing. First, we went through the Forbidden City, which now houses the Palace Museum. This impressive palace of 980 buildings was originally the home to emperors and their households in the Ming and…More »

Real Women and Men

There is a Chinese saying that, roughly translated, says that “You are not a real man or woman until you have climbed the Great Wall. ” Today, 38 more Gouldies joined the club of real women and men.  Then to prove it they…More »

Video Delay

Update: I am working on the videos… I will try to get them up at some point soon.   Hi all- Having some issues with my computer and memory, so I am going to get a bit behind in my videos.  I’ll try…More »

Second Day Video

I just got this uploaded so it may be a little a while before you can see it. Not the most exciting video, but you’ll see smiling faces and lots of walking.  Link It is a beautiful, blue sky morning for our day…More »